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Cyber intelligence analysis is the heart of any cyber activity. Big data and its introduction into all areas of business and key industries need a primary way of conducting, and data intelligence provides exactly that. By identifying the relevant, current and emerging threats to your organization, you can proactively identify and mitigate cyber-attacks and protect your assets.

In today’s digital world, organizations are continuously exposed to cyber threats and need to protect their assets both from internal and global threats. As well as information collection regarding their clients, competitors and employees in order to improve productivity.

PROSOL professionals have comprehensive experience in intelligence, combined with our expertise in the cybersecurity domain. We created cyber intelligence operating concept based on technology and field-proven methodology.

Based on deep learning our customers, we can find and deliver only the relevant and actionable intelligence out of the endless ocean of information out there, along with recommendations and action items to mitigate the risk and reduce threat level.


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KYC serves an important purpose to prevent identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering. It lets an organization to know customers like you better which allows them to manage any risks on your behalf and provide you better and more efficient. Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations is also a legal requirement.

It's a policy that has been introduced globally and now standard organizational practice.

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Anti-money laundering (AML) processes allow financial institutions to incorporate powerful analytics and realize increased efficiencies within their transaction monitoring programs.

Whether you need to investigate money laundering or to stop terrorist financing you need a solution in place that can efficiently analyze countless data sources to create fully explainable reports for your financial experts and regulators.

We maintain a gold standard by deploying our Investigation Assurance tools, so your AML investigations are constantly optimized for quality and integrity by PROSOL.

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PROSOL is operating one of the newest generations of Open-Source Intelligence – using the latest social media research and investigation techniques to uncover the truth. Today’s information flows constantly. Text, videos, and images of all colors and types.

Monitoring and analyzing information becoming increasingly difficult. PROSOL platform has been developed to address those who want to monitor and analyze real-time information in the fastest and most efficient way, as well as commercial information to address company productivity and to support management decisions.

Our systems provide a unique solution in the market that is independent of any service provided by an external service or API. Our system’s information-gathering capabilities are one of the best in the world and can provide a comprehensive solution to every leading social network.


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PROSOL is ideal for customers who need:

Campaign Analysis -the system can be used to locate trends and campaigns according to location, campaigns a private company. The analysis includes dates of campaign start, text analysis (positive/negative), location signatures, campaign influencers and most active users.

The profiling-the system performs a comprehensive network scan and crosses information to locate the user’s accounts. The system analyzes the profiles inside out, which includes the user's outward activity and what is going on internally.

  • KYC reports – find hidden businesses and properties, and fully examine PEP checks. Help Protect Your Business. Reduce Risk & Comply with 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive.
  • Deep Due Diligence Check – uncover who your clients are really doing business with.
  • Threat Monitoring/Threat Intelligence – keep track of ongoing labor/popular unrest in areas of business activity.
  • Vetting/Background Checks – detect insider threats and conflicts of interest.


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