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Enterprises Resource Planning is the keystone of every operation. It can be the main business benefit and commercial advantage over competitors, or it can be a technology headache that never meets the promise.

PROSOL has the necessary knowhow to match the relevant technology and project implementation to the business goals. Ready to deploy and customized business software solutions to help businesses keep up with the digital revolution.


CRM is the most efficient way to run large complex operations. It is essential to match the solution to the actual requirements and KPIs of the organizations. Which modules and features to include? Which topology to deploy? Operational, Analytical or Collaborative?

PROSOL has vast expertise in analyzing customer needs in various industries and collaborating with the customer to provide the best solution and budget. Working with PROSOL will ensure advanced and well-equipped CRM software solutions serving businesses with intelligent customer data in a secure and seamless manner.


Business Intelligence is the key to developing effective strategies and measuring success. Today business communities become more dependent on BI Systems to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

It is a must to involve professionals with operational expertise to help match the right tools for the job.

PROSOL has a network of local and international experts, with required experience in a variety of range of industry verticals who can help resolve these situations.



We’re living in a world of more IoT connected devices than humans. These devices communicate via the cloud-based platform and networks connected through IoT, providing real-time and efficient insights through IoT collected data to fuel the digital transformation and streamline operations. However, IoT deployment may create some newfound risks like cyberattacks via IoT (and Scada devices industrialgrade IoT) that is hard to defend.

PROSOL helps you on both fronts: design and deploy the IoT networks effectively; deploy Scada and IOT cyber defense protection by solid cybersecurity to support BI operations, making them more sustainable and better equipped to safeguard the useful and highly sensitive data from IoT technology.



The revolution of the Internet has turned the world into a small community.

OSINT is the collection of information from publicly available sources.

These sources are always available, no matter where you are, and are always up-to- date.

PROSOL offers technology and expertise to help clients to find the information they need among piles of information available in our WebInt/OSInt Intelligence System. We can help you gather better data for improved analysis, intelligence and insights.

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Data migration is the process of moving data from one location/ format/application to another. Data Migration might be needed due to several reasons. Data center relocation, storage upgrades or server maintenance are some of these reasons. Despite the reason, it impacts business operations when it results in long downtime, performance and compatibility issues. A smooth migration process is a key to the success of any project. Therefore, we take care of the whole process with a smart strategy to minimize such impacts, effective planning, implementation, validation and technology.

The migration process executed by our experts is performed fast and straightforward.

We always prioritize security and ensure flexibility and nondisruption as a cornerstone of the migration process.



Data Normalization helps to overcome logical and structural inconsistencies in your data that may lead to difficulty in fetching the desired information and unnecessary delay in decision making. It saves lots of storage space by deleting duplicate data, helps you to avoid data modifications and simplifies queries.

PROSOL data professionals keep your data accurate and relevant for effective business transactions and analysis. We have a handson experience of formatting, cleaning, standardizing, verifying and validating data. Our experts collate data from a wide range of legacy sources to normalize it to meet clients’ individual requirements.



Data accuracy and Integrity is always essential for a database. It is the verification that the given data is accurate and functions correctly within a single subsystem or application. Otherwise, the information retrieved from it will be useless.

Testing the integrity of a database refers to the evaluation of all sorts of processes used in obtaining, maintaining and updating the database, whereas data integrity testing focuses on the accuracy and consistency of the stored data so that these data produces out expected or desired results.


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Organizations across all industries are growing extremely fast, resulting in high volume, complex and unstructured data making it harder for data management professionals to handle the increasing scale of data.

Big Data and Data Warehousing both hold a lot of data, used for reporting, managed by an electronic storage device. PROSOL data professionals can help you to keep your data accurate and relevant for effective business transactions and analysis. Our experts offer development and consulting services to help companies to perform in-depth analysis to evaluate and report.

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