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Cybersecurity industry specialists provide products as defense measures against an increasing number of cyberattacks. But how to prioritize and make sure that the management makes the effective budgetary decision when it's tough to understand the challenges the IT and cyber experts try to present?

As PROSOL we do live and breath cybersecurity. Using our extensive experience in Israel's most demanding defense and security organization, we provide a multi-level Decision Support System that maps your threats and defines your maturity to give you a clear picture of the organization's defenses. A decision support system or DSS is an information system that supports organizational decision-making and business activities by combining useful information from raw data, documents, business models and personal knowledge.



Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems and algorithms able to imitate the human brain. In particular, Cybersecurity is one of the domains where we can do a lot with Artificial Intelligence to complement the skills of the experts because there's a lot of data. AI is much better at processing huge volumes of data, being really fast at processing it.

Machine learning at its simplest is about machines learning from data. In cybersecurity, without being explicitly programmed to recognize a particular threat in advance, computers can sift through huge amounts of data and with machine learning, produce insights in milliseconds.

PROSOL experts can examine and assess if and how AI can be utilized in your business.



In this era where big data is collected and available, one of the most effective usages of data is predictive analytics -“PA”. Predictive Analytics is highly useful to shorten the decision-making process and cost tremendously by cutting right to the chase and assisting in making decisions based on similar events.

PROSOL can help you find Prediction Analytics insights in your daily operation and how you can cut the cost and increase efficiency.



Prescriptive analytics informs us what to do with the information gathered through Predictive analytics. It recommends an optimal action that you can run with to drive your business. We integrate prescriptive analytics with the descriptive information we have, which is telling us what is on hand.

Prescriptive analytics provide organizations with recommendations around optimal actions to achieve business objectives such as customer service, profits and operational efficiency. Prescriptive analytics solutions free organizations up to make all kinds of business decisions that are very important and more insightful. PROSOL can help organizations solve their complex decision-making problems by providing tools and mechanisms to convert business problems to optimization models.

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Data collection is not enough anymore. To achieve better data comprehension requires to understand the importance of protecting, cleansing, and improving the quality and accuracy of that collected data. It is crucial for all future business and technological decisions. This process consists of collecting, retrieving, and analyzing the information to form predictive and prospective analysis: We call that data comprehension.

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