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Our team is led by professionals with many years of experience in performing IT and Security Assessment and a wide understanding of the needs to build better productivity and maintain business continuity with the latest technological developments.

Our mission is to be better, faster and smarter with an agile team of experts in Information Technologies and Cybersecurity Domain to drive our mission forward.

Our Cyber Intelligence team unites the qualified Israeli experts with over 30 year experience with the brightest young local experts specializing in advanced methods of Data Collection and Analysis, actionable intelligence on threats and review of trends and latest developments in the area of Cybersecurity. This means that the team can not only benefit from the experience but also to fully support the IT structure of its partners with innovative solutions from young minds.


Service Line

Signature-Mockup We outlined our dedication to building a robust operating platform capable of delivering consistent growth under any conditions.

PROSOL is dedicated to presenting the most innovative and quality services developed with our vast expertise and diversified technology to serve the world by increasing Safety and Security.

Although we are a new and young company, we’ve been able to create a broad portfolio of partners within a short period of time. This includes government agencies, large, medium and small businesses with centralized IT infrastructure.

We owe our success on a unique integration of automated technology and our team of qualified experts who take satisfaction and control in the jobs they do.

Our company, which started its operations in Azerbaijan, also has cooperation with leading companies of Israel and other advanced countries from the first day. This empowers our company to offer the most innovative solutions and approaches from a different viewpoint.

We’re planning to work in many of the most challenging but secure environments in this marketplace, and to increase our scope so that we can support our clients wherever they need our services.

We are aiming to advance further our all-round abilities together with our clients; therefore do appreciate your supports.

We ask all to stand by our side as we are achieving in our goal of growing as a leader in Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

Kelly Yaniv

Co-Founder / Deputy CEO

Service Line

Andrey Khlistunov

Senior ERP Programmer

Andrey Khlistunov is a Senior ERP Programmer with proven experience in managing and implementing projects with the team, as well as the creation and administration of information networks. He is a result-oriented programmer who focused on professional and career growth. Andrey performs application programming activities related to developing, modifying, installing and maintaining application programs.

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Anita Aghabekova

Marketing Manager

Anita Aghabekova is a Marketing Manager with four years of experience and proven skills in planning and supervising marketing operations to achieve company objectives. Her main responsibilities are developing effective marketing strategies and campaign execution.

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Araz Ayyubov


Araz Ayyubov is a Chief Technology Officer of “Prosol” company. He's over ten years of experience in management in top companies and a unique set of skills for the successful execution of strategies and ongoing operations with a large expertise in Information Technologies. He's built a highly accomplished teams that demonstrate a profound dedication to operational excellence.

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Avi Assis

Senior Strategic Consultant

Avi Assis is a Senior Strategic Consultant in IT, with over 30 years of experience in enterprise information systems in general, and with unique experience in business systems with a focus on customer experience: CRM / ERP in particular. During his professional career, he accompanied hundreds of information systems organizations in general, and CRM / ERP in particular.

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Dilbar Mahmudova

Chief HR Officer

Dilbar Mahmudova is the Chief Human Resources Officer of “Prosol” company. She has more than five-year work experience in the field of human resource management and holds various international certifications in the respective field. She has a strong educational background, as well as, a high level of proficiency in English and Russian.

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Doron Tamir

Cyber Security Expert

As seasoned security and intelligence professional with vast experience in leading government and technology organizations, Doron Tamir recently joined the “Prosol” team as a Cyber Security Expert. Prior to “Prosol” company, he was a founding member of the Israeli National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister Office, steering the nation's cybersecurity efforts. Doron served as the Senior Director of the Security Sector in the INCB, and also led the formation of the national cybersecurity command and control center, as well as the national cyber laboratory.

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Elvin Amirov


Elvin Amirov as a Chief Operating Officer oversees the company's daily operations with 8 years of expertise in the IT sector. Half of this period he was responsible for managing critical IT issues, building the team and developing them. In addition, he has over 5 years of experience as an IT trainer. Before joining the “Prosol” team, Elvin worked at Veyseloglu Group of Companies, one of the biggest FMCG companies in the country, where he was a head of the IT division. He has several international certificates and articles on different aspects of Information Technology.

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Gunay Aghayeva

Chief Administrative Officer

Gunay Aghayeva has ten years of experience in Office Administration and extensive practice in providing input to management on the development of office policies and procedures, while simultaneously handling administrative tasks such as expense reports, managing calendars, and travel arrangements. She plays a primary role in ensuring that all office administrative functions are coordinated to achieve a high level of productivity within the company such as planning, organizing, and controlling the clerical aspects of the business, as well as preparation, communication, coordination, and storage of data to support important operations of the establishment.

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Haim Dror

System and Cyber Security Architect

As a Cyber Security Architect Haim Dror contributes to “Prosol” by designing, testing, and implementing robust security systems within the IT networks. As a result of extensive expertise in cybersecurity in complex, secured organizations he has a thorough understanding of complex IT systems. In addition, he has years of experience in delivering technology-differentiated solutions to private, public and international customers.

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Ilkin Khidirov

Senior Network Administrator

Ilkin Khidirov is a Network Administrator with 10 years of experience as an IT professional and has a strong understanding of network architecture and administration as well as information technology in general. As a network administrator, he is responsible for setting up, developing and maintaining networks within/between organizations, support to staff, clients, customers, and suppliers, and troubleshoot any problems that arise, also be involved in designing new networks.

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Itzik Moshe

Cyber Security Expert

Itzik Moshe is a Cyber Security Expert with nearly 2 decades of experience. He has worked and invested in a variety of areas in the world of information security, over the past decade with a focus on providing solutions for governments and law enforcement agencies. Itzik helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies protect themselves from modern cyber threats.

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Nir Kapelushnik

Nir Kapelushnik has a long-term technology vision and deep knowledge in designing and execution of mega IT projects starting from infrastructure, database, security and development including real-time till successful implementation at a customer site. Besides, he’s held CEO/founder roles in many successful IT companies in Israel.

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Ramil Mammadov

System Administration Division Manager

Ramil Mammadov is a System Administration Team Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. His main responsibilities are supporting System Administrators to designing, planning, implementing and maintaining infrastructural changes on IT infrastructure and also performs management duties, like strong documentation, generates and shares comprehensive and detailed reports about team performance and mission-related objectives.

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Ramin Abbasov

Senior ERP programmer

Ramin Abbasov is the 1C ERP-platform developer and DBA of “Prosol”. He began his IT career as a web-developer (PHP, MySQL). Before joining Prosol, Ramin served as a 1C ERP-platform developer and DBA at Avromed. He was responsible for developing and optimizing business processes and managed SQL server databases across many branches of wholesale and retail trade of the company. At Prosol Ramin is responsible for testing ERP applications for the validity of results, accuracy, reliability, and conformance to established standards.

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Raul Guliyev

Database Administrator

Raul Guliyev is a Database Administrator with more than 8 years of experience in the 1C program and 2 years as Microsoft SQL DBA. He is responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of a database as well as setting up a new database and data handling systems. In addition, he holds international certifications including Microsoft SQL DBA certificate - 764, Fundamental T- SQL.

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Samir Baghirov

Chief Financial Officer

Samir Baghirov is a Chief Financial Officer with almost ten years of financial engagement experience in the private sector, with a focus on developing policies and procedures to improve performance and productivity. His main responsibilities are to oversee all aspects of finances, including the development and management of budgets, drafting of financial statements and reports. He holds several ACCA and Microsoft excel certifications.